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Dargle Video

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Date Added: 08/12/2012
By: Robert
About: My first time on the Dargle river, it was pritty low.

Date Added: 27/06/2012
By: Simon hall
About: Level is at 5.5 blocks. Nice high level. Still enough room to break out at the top of the main falls. Came across a kayak at 2.30 and check out what i think is the coolest studio/house at 4.05

Date Added: 21/11/2011
By: lemonmeringuepie
About: My first time... (most of it was taken from the comfort of my kayak, I may have got out at intervening stages throughout ;])

Date Added: 26/02/2011
By: Benny Cullen
About: Short spin down the Dargle on Tuesday Evening, running at about 5 to 5 1/2 blocks at the take out bridge.

Filmed the whole run but unfortunately the camera fogged up after the main falls so we'll have to wait for the next splash of rain to film the rest again.

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