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Owenass ("The Catholes") River

  Grade:   3 to 4       Rating: river rating
  County:   Laois   Date updated:30/08/2014
  Section Length:   0.5km   Version: 0 (History)

Brief River Description

Grade 3 - 4 river which is continuous in nature. Plenty of eddies.

Other sections not scouted as of yet.

Directions to the Put-in

This river is located outside of Rosenallis on the Laois Offaly border in the Slieve Bloom Mountains. It is signposted from the village.

The river is called the Owenass, and the section which has been paddled is known locally as "The Catholes" or "Cathole Falls". A google maps search of "Catholes Laois" brings up the exact location.

The parking area is located right at the get on and there is a forest trail along the length of the stretch of river.

Directions to the Take-out

Get to Rosenallis in Laois. Follow this map and the local road signs to the get in/get off. See the Google Map"

River Description

The get on and get off are the same point.

The stretch of river which has been paddled and scouted is approximately 500 metres long. There is more features above and below this stretch which may have been scouted/paddled but we are unaware of details so will not make comment on this.

The river has obvious, large eddies before and after each drop. 

The first drop is off of a resevoir/man made weir into a gorge. Approximately 1-2meters high. Simple boof. The second drop a ledge about 1-2 metres high. Large eddy on the left below. The third drop is the largest drop. Approximately 12-15 metre long slide which should be scouted. Large eddie at the bottom. Plenty of points for rescue. Continous rapids or 100-150 metres. 
4th drop is a slide about 20 metres long. Avoid, river right as the slide goes into a large wall which juts out at  right angles to the bank. Exit river in the eddy below this drop. 

Walk back upstream along forest path to the carpark.

Local issues

None. Locals are friendly and helpful with directions.

River level gauge

Unknown as it has only been rarely run. (Twice as far as we know).

River Hazards

- Main falls is the most difficult drop.
- Large wall on river left of slide at the end is very dangerous.
- This river is "new" and hasnt been scouted fully. Needs to be explored more.


Original Author: Neil Tilley
Latest Author: Neil Tilley
(Full History)

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