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Upper Liffey - Version History

  Version Date Change Notes Author
 615/08/2014Added hazard at the road/ford section. Had a lad who took a beating in the stopper beyond it. Worth letting others know. Jon Mackey WWKC

I added information on changes to river features and bridges which were out of date, removed some added information from other sources which was unclear or required the correct interpretation.

Added information on levels and highlighted a new hazard may (2012)

Steven Fahy
 416/05/2012Added some recent changes to features after floods of "2012" Bernard Walsh
 308/09/2010Tidied up some formatting and spelling. Deleted the bit about Ballysmuttan Bridge being closed, since it is now open again. Added links to the online gauge and twitter for the River Level Indicators section. jimkennedy
 219/01/2009Added ref to takeout on river right as bridge is out of use. John Stanley
 108/02/2008 Steve Fahy


Soon functionality to view older versions of a guide will be added.

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