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Glengalla River

  Grade:   3 to 5       Rating: river rating
  County:   Tipperary   Date updated:28/10/2011
  Section Length:   2km to 5km   Version: 5 (History)

Brief River Description

To get to the put in dont take the right to the get out continue up the gravel road until you come to a bridge about 1.5km.This is the put in.For about 60m down river their is a boulder garden and rapids.very fast and fun in high water.few blind spots but nothing to worry about. Scout for falling trees on the drive to the put in but it usually clear. After nights heavy rain this river is very fast and thats what makes it fun. Half way down a play wave forms on a man made slide. Spins and blunts possible.


At the put in dont cross the bridge keep going up the track past the concrete hut for about 400 meters until you see a silver hand railing leading to the river on right hand side. THIS IS IT.

A 25 foot water fall/slide..Centre is the must make line.Further down their is a 12 foot drop centre is the line..left is onto a slab rock.

TRIPLE STEP..THREE 8 foot drops into pools.Not much time between drops.Access to this section and rescue is very hard due to gorge both sides until you hit the bridge for the put in for the grade 3 section..

Directions to the Put-in

Coming from Clonmel head for Ballymacarbry on R671. After around 8km you will see a right turn on a bend for Newcastle. Take this turn and about 200m down this road a right turn at crossroads will take you into Newcastle. Pass through the village and over small bridge heading for Goatenbridge (3.5km). Turn left in Goatenbridge. After about 1km the road turns into Gravel road keep going and bear right until you see right turn down to parking area and bridge. This is the get out..This is the get out.

Directions to the Take-out

Take out at bridge or it possible to take out further down. Will update soon. Some nice rapids further down.

River Description

Line of sight is very clear with only few blind bends in upper section of river. Be sure to scout or mail me for update on hazards on river. This river moves very fast. Also Playboat friendly. They are very few eddies when this comes up. A good nights heavy rain should do it. The river is narrow enough like the width of the Colligan. This is more of a rush than anything so if you in the area give it a go and maybe link it with the Nire on the day.

Local issues

No issues as this is public walking area.Cars should be safe.No fencing crossing river.

River level gauge

From the bridge at the get out if it looks fast its good to go.But if you think you will not paddle under bridge in kayak forget it as this would be a washout.

River Hazards

Scout river or contact me as I live near. Rapids and small stoppers.The main falls in upper section is a must make centre line or you face a world of pain.Falling down this on right side will get you pinned and could kill you due to the speed entering the slide.. Will put up pics in coming weeks. Clearing under way. 6/9/[email protected] ..

The Slab drop.

This needs to be boofed centre.

Absailing and assending gear needed to exit and enter upper gorge once gone over main falls in case of emergency.


Original Author: Francis Keogh
Latest Author: francis keogh
(Full History)

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