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Lowerymore River

  Grade:   3 to 4       Rating: river rating
  County:   Donegal   Date updated:09/10/2008
  Section Length:   0.5   Version: 1

Brief River Description

A short steep half man-made beautiful gorge section, the river right route. (1 of 2 routes)

A set of 6 man-made steps leading to a natural gorge then a further steeper 9 man-made steps.

Directions to the Put-in

On the main Donegal to Ballybofey road, the N15, about 2 km south west of Barnesmore Gap on the road towards Donegal Town. A set of large Steel gates at a disused picnic area is put in and get out.

Directions to the Take-out

Where the 2 route meet at the hydro building.

River Description

You need to have a look for yourself, requires some scrambling, but have a look from top and bottom as most is hidden.

At low to medium levels there are no hazards. The pour overs are not strong with a lot of airated water.

Look at the top 6 steps and if there is enough water going over the tongues then its runnable and fun.

Gorge section narrows and water is stronger leading quickly to a set of 9 steeper steps. These are closer together and you may hit the next wall if you don't boof enough, though difficult as so much air in water its hard to keep boat from submerging a bit.

Then run easy bimble to end.

Local issues

Fishermen possible in season. No issues known about hydro access.

River level gauge

Look at the top section of steps, this will let you know.

River Hazards

Unknown yet in high water. Just check for usual trees hazzards or flood debris.


Original Author: Stu Hamilton

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