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Kilmacrennan Gorge, Lennon River

  Grade:   4 to 4       Rating: river rating
  County:   Donegal   Date updated:20/05/2009
  Section Length:   300m   Version: 3 (History)

Brief River Description

The Kilmacrenan river holds it's level well after heavy rain and will still be runnable after other rivers in the area have dropped. It is best at high water levels. The river at medium to low levels is very severe on boats owing to the sharp nature of the river bedrock.

True, get on at high levels for a buzz and stay river right. Good play waves to be got if you got the nuts.

Directions to the Put-in

This is a short grade 4 section of the river Lennon located in the village of Kilmacrennan on the N56.

The put in is immediately at the bridge in Kilmacrennan with the take out 300m downstream.

Consistent and difficult to view the entirety as lots of over growth. Not sure very if this is paddled too often!

Directions to the Take-out

Take out on river right is through a builders yard or on left through heavy shrubbery.

Be careful of the hardcore/landfill tipped down the slope, consisting of loose boulders.

River Description

A lovely run that when running 'full bore' is as close to Alpine speed as one gets. Eddies are small and defined and need require positive paddling.

The first 50m provides a nice grade 3 warm-up section. Climbing down with the boat is sometimes a good enough warm-up. A small wave forms at the exit of the pool on this top section.

Immediately after comes a long and sustained rapid which provides the main interest of this run. Exit river right to run the rapid again of continue downstream for another 50 m to a small tailsquirt/cartwheel spot. The exit at this point is on river left through some rough shrubbery.

Local issues

Park at start of bridge but do not block access to the builders yard as it is quite busy and they are usually quite civil to canoeists.

The lady at the house there came out to us, she is civil when talked to and explained as to why you are there. You can park in the petrol station beside it.

River level gauge

Stand on river left of bridge on downstream side. If the grass is covered then this is a nice level.

River Hazards

Rocks, and lots low trees on river left. The wall in river centre should be noted before getting on.


Original Author: Bernard D
Latest Author: Stu Hamilton
(Full History)

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