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Slaney River

  Grade:   2 to 3       Rating: river rating
  County:   Carlow   Date updated:22/02/2010
  Section Length:   1.5 km approx   Version: 4 (History)

Brief River Description

The Slaney changes a lot depending on water levels. Its only short so have a look and see. Its easily scouted and protected.

It used to be used as a slalom site back in the day, Its rumoured that the legendary Richard Fox once raced here.

This is a great place for instructors to teach and assess Level 3 kayak skills. Or for intermediate groups looking for a step between grades.

Directions to the Put-in

Knocknatubbrid, Co. Carolw.

The get in/get out is approx 6km from Tullow, Co.Carlow. Starting from the Statoil Garage on the south side of Tullow situated on the N81. Continue to head south for approx 6km. Look out for the church spire on your left hand side, then at the next cross road turn left and continue straight for 1km.

When you hit the bridge you are there. There are residents on both sides of this narrow road so please don't be silly when parking. I suggest you park in front of the farmhouse boundary wall on the left on the grass verge as the owner was a kayaker back in the late 80's and is pretty cool.

Have a look over the bridge and you get a fair idea what to expect. To get to the put in you can walk along the river bank for about 1km approx, you will know when to stop. I have accessed the put in via the farmers yard but I have always made a point of to the owner and asking his permission.

Directions to the Take-out

Get out approximately 500 meters after the bridge.

River Description

In high water there is a river wide glassy 2ft (640mm) wave at the get in. Then a short flat/deep section, then river splits into two channels, both are runnable but the river right channel is more entertaining. Then 1.2km of proper grade 3 until after the bridge.

Local issues

No known issues. Tullow canoe club uses this spot quite a lot and have good relationship with the locals so be respectful and keep it that way.

River level gauge

To judge the river look upstream over the bridge, if you can see the sand on river right its lowish but still runnable. If the water under the bridge looks still, its is low but will still go. If you look on the down stream of the bridge, can't see any rocks, plus you see the big bouncy/surging hole its high/perfect level. The river Slaney rises in West Wicklow and drains of Lugnaquilla. A reasonable way is if you check the Annamoe river gauge and its at a middle level - the Slaneys height should not be too far behind (only a rough idea)

Live online river cam
Slaney online river gauge cam

River Hazards

No major hazard but in medium/high water a swim will be continuous and a wee bit sore (but the rocks are limestone and not too sharp).


Original Author: Adrian Shanahan
Latest Author: Keith
(Full History)

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