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Roogagh River

  Grade:   3 to 4       Rating: river rating
  County:   Fermanagh   Date updated:05/01/2012
  Section Length:   3Km   Version: 3 (History)

Brief River Description

The Roogagh is very similar to the Clare Glens style, pool drops, with fast run off.

Directions to the Put-in

The rapids start a couple of miles upstream of Garrison village.

To get to the get-in, drive East out of Garrison towards Leglehid. Take the first right and this will bring you towards the river. There is a small bridge that crosses the river, which is an ideal place to put in. Please note that this road goes through a farm, so please make sure you close the gates and park your cars sensibly!

Directions to the Take-out

Take out in Garrison Village or after the final drop

River Description

The Roogagh would have been ran regularly many years ago by OE staff from the area as an "after worker".

There are four big drops on the Roogagh, with one smaller drop and a number of easy rapids.

The first drop is the smaller one. Be sure to boof, as the drop is rather shallow! Best ran centre-right.

The next drop you encounter is the largest, called Cameroon Falls in the guidebook. There is a left hand bend then a right hand bend, with the drop after the right hand bend. Inspection and safety is advisable, as the first three of the big drops are all together. The drop is deep immediately below the drop, but the rest of the pool is quite shallow, so don't pencil it! There was a tree below the drop on the river-right side but this is more than likely gone after the flooding in Fermanagh, though it would be best to check it!

Drop no. 2 can be inspected at the same time as the first. The drop is stepped on the right and a clean fall on the left. Number 3 is a nice slide with a sticky hole at the bottom, run river left as there is a sheer drop onto rock on the right!

After a number of easier rapids and some low-hanging barbed wire fences, you will approach Garrison town and the final drop on the river. Another stepped rapid, run river left. It is possible to get out after this drop and walk up the footpath to the road or continue on into Garrison.

The Glenaniff is in Irish Whitewater, P 105.

Local issues

Please close the gates at the farmhouse and don't block the road when parking!

River level gauge

in the main street in Garrison a small river flowing in to the Roogagh near a red phone box. look across to the other side of the river you may see a over flow pipe (orange) if the water is more than half way covering the pipe you will have a good paddle if you can't see it hold on tight......another way to check to river out, follow the river in the main street up stream for 100 meters cross the bridge past a white shop on to a path if the water is flowing near or over the path have a good paddle.

top falls are call Rohan falls and the bottom falls near Garrison are call Scotts

River Hazards

Shallow pools, trees and barbed wire fences

other Hazards would be the cliffs they are under cut by the river and are very loose stones and rocks

at the bottom of scott falls there is a nice flat spin play hole works in mid to low flow. but the river right eddie sits under a section of the under cut, some spill and rocks have falling on the inside, very visable.


Original Author: Frostie and Shane C - via the forum
Latest Author: Jon O'Neill
(Full History)

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