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Suir River

  Grade:   1 to 3       Rating: river rating
  County:   Tipperary   Date updated:05/05/2011
  Section Length:   0-1km   Version: 3 (History)

Brief River Description

Bakery Hole

This is a park and play feature on a weir. The entire length of the weir is very steep, not easy to get out of and generally best avoided, on the extreme river right there are broken fish steps and this forms a fun hole at most water levels.

This hole is a great feature and in the last month the bank of the river and trees have all been removed leaving no danger from strainers..The weir is the only real hazard but along side the hole is a large crack in a wall where rescue is easy and very close to the hole.Dont go here alone as the weir forms a nasty stopper due to its steep angle in med to high levels .Not worth it if no water flows over the main weir by the castle in the town of Cahir. 2/5/2011

Directions to the Put-in

From the square in Cahir town, head out toward the train station. Pass the train station (on your right) and under the railway bridge and continue out the road, passing a cattle mart on the left, when you reach and old gray building on your left (The Bakery) pull in and park, this is the last building on the left hand side of the road.

Directions to the Take-out

Two options:
1. Park and play on Bakery weir or 2. Paddle down stream once finished at bakery weir and into the town to use the weir just up stream of the castle.
The get in is the same for both options. Walk through the grass/shrub/thorn area and over a fence on the bakery side of the road to reach the river, get in here up stream of the weir, the get out for option 1 is the same place. Use the hole in the wall on river right immediately down stream of the weir to get out and walk back around the weir and then paddle back to the put in/get out. for option 2 If paddling from the bakery weir to the weir in the town use the large parking lot beside the castle as the get out and changing area. The castle parking lot is easy to find, facing Cahir house hotel in the town square turn right and its 50mts in front of you on the left. the get off is a slipway 200mts down stream from the castle bridge on the river left just before a white suspension bridge, get out and walk back toward the castle to get to the car park.

River Description

Bakery weir; Simple lay out, a wide flat section above the weir and wide flat section below. The weir rely only has one area on the extreme river right where it is advisable to go play boating as the steep nature of the rest of the weir creates a very sticky stopper and in high water is a serious hazard. The play hole is fun for paddlers just getting used to small holes in low water and can provide more fun for the more experienced as water levels improve.

About 500mts down stream there is a 2nd weir (clearly visible form the castle bridge in Cahir town) this can usually be ran easily over most sections and in high water some times a fun stopper may form on both river right and left. this generally has a bit less to offer if the water level is medium-low its rely not worth it at all.


Another play feature in the village of Ardfinnan 5 miles from Cahir. Put in at the green area across from the church.Paddle around the island and play in the hole at the end of the weir close to the bridge.

Also in medium water drop below the bridge and as you look upstream on the left under the 1st arch their is a playwave /hole. On the far right where the wall meets the last arch their is a sticky hole..Nice to play in but dangerous in high water.Set up rescue on the wall. Start shows Ardfinnan at a good med level.

Local issues

No real issues, same rules apply don't damage fencing and don't park in front the the bakery's gates. Never had any problems.

As far as i know someone is staying in the bakery so when you park walk over the grass mound keeping right and over the barb wire [watch ur dry suit] and put in above the weir. Dont paddle over it in high levels.Even at a low level its sticky

River level gauge

Low - water is only flowing over the fish steps on the weir in Cahir town.
Medium - flow down the weir in Cahir town in white turning brown High - the weir in Cahir town is totally brown (will eventually become almost totally submerged)

River Hazards

After washing out of the play hole at bakery weir you will be heading a bunch of trees behind you, roll up quick so not to get washed into them. The rest of the stopper at bakery weir is not safe particularly in higher water when the stopper is quite powerful, there are also metal spikes exposed in this part of the weir. Rubbish such as glass and cans at the get in.

Trees have been removed but always check. 2/5/2011


Original Author: Willy
Latest Author: Francis keogh
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