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Dalligan River

  Grade:   2 to 3       Rating: river rating
  County:   Waterford   Date updated:05/02/2007
  Section Length:   8km   Version: 1

Brief River Description

Its another river only worth the run in flood, an easy grade 2/3 with a number of obstructions that need to be portaged. A road follows the river for most of its length.

Directions to the Put-in

Its source is along the back road over the mountain, that meets the N25 road from Dungarvan to Clonmel. There a short length from here to bridge below the Old Pike before you meet numerous obstructions that make a full run of the river impossible. I'd advise to get in about 600m downstream of the bridge below the Pike and paddle to the beach.

Directions to the Take-out

Ballyvoyle Beach. If you follow the road to the coast, Ballyvoyle beach is at the bottom of the valley that the Dalligan runs in. A small road leads from the coast road R675 down to the small bridge that marks the end of the river and the start of the sea.

River Description

The source in the mountain is a steep narrow rocky stream, in flood its possible to make it down, but your better off to start at the small bridge in Glendalligan. From here theres a couple of Kilometres to the bridge at the N25 from here to the bridge below the Old Pike the river is littered with framers waste, feeding troughs, fences etc. Be careful! Get out well in advance of the bridge below the Old Pike. At this bridge the farmer, has hung a huge telegraph pole with barbed wire wrapped around it. In flood this floats so don't chance it, after this an island divides the river for a bit, before it meets a bohreen someone built into a house. The bohreen has two small concrete pipes spanning the river over which earth was piled to make the bohreen. Find a spot to get in below here somewhere.

The paddle from here to the beach is good nice gradient lovely scenery, nothing too pushy, again be careful of fallen trees, fences etc. The beach in Ballyvoyle is good for surf but very shallow, dont be deceived by the steep green its rocky underneath.

Local issues

Lots of fences crossing the river. The Bridge below the Old Pike is a DEFINITE NO-NO!! and the two concrete pipes across the river shortly after also!! No other issues with people or otherwise.

River level gauge

Lots of lots of rain. No level gauge at any of the bridges, sorry.

River Hazards

- Fences (X lots)
- Telegraph pole wrapped in barbed wire!!
- Concrete Pipes across the river


Original Author: Michael Flynn

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