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Inny River

  Grade:   2 to 3       Rating: river rating
  County:   Longford   Date updated:02/12/2009
  Section Length:   4Km   Version: 4 (History)

Brief River Description

The Inny is one of the most popular grade 2 rivers in Ireland, this is due to the ease of access to its put in and take out, and also due to its central location in the country. It provides a pleasant days paddling or an introduction to moving water, with plenty of short rapids to entertain.

Directions to the Put-in

There is a road in the middle of Ballymahon that goes towards up stream, take that road up until (3km ish) there is a junction with the bridge. The put-in is located at Newcastle bridge (see map). There is a small car park and concrete slipway.

Directions to the Take-out

The take out is after the second bridge you pass, known as Shrule Bridge. Directly after the bridge, river right is a steep bank into a field right off the road. For the less sure paddler, Ballymahon Bridge is also an option, just river right after the bridge. This means you avoid the meat hole which can be messy in high water.

River Description

The river has many small rapids. The most popular run is from the car park at Newcastle bridge to Ballymahon Bridge. The Newcastle bridge car park has plenty of parking and a concrete slipway with steps.

The river is mainly briskly moving flat water with several small rapids. The rapids are easily navigated. Some of the rapids contain some pour-overís,holes,stoppers and waves, that are ideal for practising in. The Inny is the prefect location for a pleasant paddle or an introduction to moving water.

The river is also known for the Meat Factory Hole/Wave on high water. Downriver from Ballymahon Bridge an excellent wave-hole forms on higher water. It stretches almost entire width of river and forms a brilliant wave that is retentive enough to stay in as long as you want but you don't need to worry if you mess up as it will push you out quite quickly. All types of freestyle moves are possible on this wave.

Local issues

The owner of the field at Shrule Bridge has very kindly allowed us to use the field and has provided bins and a style for easy access. Please take care not to litter in return for their hospitality

River level gauge

If there are small waves under the bridge in the town it should be worth paddling. If the ledge on the bridge is covered the meat hole should be at a perfect level. Also at Shrule Bridge, a water level gauge is visible just upstream of the bridge.

River Hazards

The only hazzards are the trees below the Meat Factory Hole, all other drops are fun and safe for beginners.


Original Author: Seanie Byrne
Latest Author: Seanie
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