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Mulcair/Newport River

  Grade:   2 to 3       Rating: river rating
  County:   Tipperary   Date updated:09/04/2012
  Section Length:   3km   Version: 2 (History)

Brief River Description

This river is a narrow and in places fast flowing river that comes up at the same time the Clare Glens is up. Expect a number of natural slides and plenty of trees.

Directions to the Put-in

This stretch of the Mulcair is often called the Newport river as it flows through the village of Newport.

To go to the put in drive to Newport from the N7 direction, turn left after you go over the bridge in Newport village. Follow this road until you come to a bridge at a dangerous bend in the road. At this bridge you can park and get on here or walk up 100m upstream on river left.

Directions to the Take-out

The take out is in the village on Newport. You can go down the last slide in the town and get out on river left, or get out on river right just upstream of the last slide.

If you get out on river left there is a short path up to the road near the Garda station. There is plenty of parking around here.

If you get out on river right there is a small amount of parking behind buildings on the main street, look for the steep lane going down from this road just beside the bridge in the village.You cant miss these get outs as they are just after the bridge in the village.

River Description

The run is about 3km long. At the get in, under the bridge, there is good potential for a park and play spot when the water is high. A hole forms here with a foam pile.

There are a number of natural slides on the river. None are particularly difficult. Waves that can be surfed form every so often on the river. There are a lot of over hanging trees on this river.

A solid roll is essential in medium/high water as the water travel very quickly over rocks. This river has good potential at high levels, and should be considered if the Glens is too big to be paddled.

Local issues

- Be carefully when parking at the bridge at the get in.
- There is no sign of fishing on the river.
- Unfortunately litter lines the banks as you get close to Newport.

River level gauge

At the bridge in the village, if the run looks low there it will be scrape the whole way down. If the water is brown and trees a flowing buy, take care.

River Hazards

Trees, trees and more trees. Be ready to help someone that is pinned either in trees or on rocks. A few under cuts to watch out for, especially near the slides. There are very few large eddies/pools on this river so swims wont be pleasant. Also theres two lines of barb wire going accross the river about half way down so watch out,but its easy enough to limbo under it in low water.


Original Author: Peter OSullivan
Latest Author: Philip Byrne
(Full History)

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