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Bundorragha River

  Grade:   2 to 3       Rating: river rating
  County:   Mayo   Date updated:02/07/2011
  Section Length:   1.5 km   Version: 6 (History)

Brief River Description

Set in the scenic Delphi valley. Very Clean. Obvious route. Perfect for beginners on grade 3 section. Gets a bit steeper after the bridge but all still good no drama.

Each of the drops have a flat section before the next one so plenty of space to mop up swimmers if required. The river is short with a road running alongside so egress is always available.

Directions to the Put-in

Travel to Delphi adventure centre via Leenane or Louisburgh on the R335. The river get in is at the Delphi Centre Entrance.

Directions to the Take-out

Get out at end of river where it runs into Killary Harbour. Before bridge on river right. After bridge at pier.

River Description

At start very flat and good for warm up. The first drop is within 200m. 3-4 metres drop, keep river right. The river has lots of rocks at level below 50 gauge. The gauge is at the first drop on river left.

A series of small pool-drops follows. There is an S turn towards end of river. This part needs to be scouted if you have not run it before.

The section after the bridge is difficult and has an undercut on river left. The best route is down the middle. A nice hole develops when a low tides combines with a high flow in the gap between the pier and the rocks at the end of the river.

The last few sections of the river, especially the S bend and below the bridge go up a grade in very high water.

Local issues

This river is only open to kayakers for the winter months. During the fishing season it is patrolled regularly by Delphi fisheries.

This river is very clean and so is the home to freshwater pearl mussels that take over a hundred years to grow. It is very important paddlers do not stand on them or interfere with them in any way, so if you are paddling the Bundorcha just do NOT stand on the river bed, even if you swim just swim to the side.

River level gauge

There is a river gauge outside of the Delphi adventure centre. A good level to run is between 50 and 70. Very scrapy below this level. You will need at least 2 good days of rain for the levels to come up.

River Hazards

None to speak of, do have a look at the section after the bridge if you have never run it before.


Original Author: Bryan Fennell
Latest Author: Michelle Granaghan
(Full History)

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