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Galway Wet West Whitewater Weekend (BoaterCross and Tidal Rodeo)


With Ireland's only dam released boatercross guaranteed, and a fantastic feature like Clifden hole, kayakers will hopefully line up to take part in the first Wet West Whitewater Weekend. The release is booked for the Boluisce, The tide is just right for the rodeo and we are setting our Sites on Cuba, Galway for the night out.

The Munster Dive and Canoe Rodeo
and The Cuba Nite Club Inflatable Class Rodeo

Location: Clifden Hole, Clifden, Co. Galway.
Dates: 10th November 2007
The Clifden kayak Rodeo, Galway Ireland.
The Clifden hole
Photo by Conor Allen Boluisce Boatercross
Location: Boluisce River, Spidal, Co. Galway.
Dates: 11 November 2007

The Boluisce River Kayak Boatercross, Galway Ireland.
Pol Gorm rapid, at the mouth of the Boluisce

It will consist of 5 separate categories.

  • Womens Expert
  • Mens Expert
  • Womens Sport
  • Mens Sport
  • Juniors
Any questions can be directed to:
Jackie: [email protected]

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