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Mahon - Version History

  Version Date Change Notes Author
 311/09/2011Removed: Finishing touches are being put on the Mahon HydroElectric Scheme as I type, so far no ill effects have been seen on the river as a result of the scheme.

replaced with: The Mahon HydroElectric Scheme now seems to be up in running. I've been away for 10 months and it wasn't working before I left but it is now. Judging from the The low scrapey level the river was at at lunch time today, the hydro seemed to have the same outflow as the flow between the intake and output. I don't know if this will be the standard amount take or if it will be more if the level is higher. I'll try find out.
michael flynn
 221/01/2008Added the upper section bit Paddymcc
 119/10/2006 Michael Flynn


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