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Boluisce - Version History

  Version Date Change Notes Author
 1815/08/2014The Name of the top drop to be changed for a short period of time to Honour Higgins breaking his 3rd set of paddles and 2nd boat on it. (practical joke) will be changed back shortly haha. Hope you are well Andrew
 1729/09/2011Fish counter being built in Poll Gorm ronan
 1630/03/2011Updated the directions. Seanie
 1509/08/2010Spelling Seanie

Added more detailed Put-In directions and simplified it to just the publicly accessible track down down to the Lake. In recent weeks some people have taken the wrong paths and pissed off a local farmer.

 1318/03/2010Added the jungle section Seanie
 1225/11/2009I edited the description of the top drop. Also mentioned that the gauge is down. Eoin Hurst
 1109/05/2008Changed Grading: Waterfall section is a V (e) quoting ICF Class 5 Exceedingly difficult. Inspection from shore is mandatory; extreme hydraulics, keepers and boils; narrow in the only line of passage, high drops in cascades with difficult entrances and/or exits. Pat MacAlinney
 1001/05/2007The first turn off is exactly 0.9 miles from the turn at Spiddal Village, and then (reset your odometer) the path is 1.4miles exactly from that turnoff. JK
 916/04/2007Added a bit more detail. Sinead O Donnell
 822/10/2006Formating, underlinging headings Seanie Byrne
 721/10/2006got rid of some old content Seanie Byrne
 618/10/2006spelling Seanie Byrne
 518/10/2006Rock garden - just some punctuation and grammar bits and bobs. Want me to take a look over the rest for mistakes? JK

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