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Srahnalong - Version History

  Version Date Change Notes Author
 918/09/2021Access issues. There is no access at this site for now. Please do not paddle this river as it will endanger current negotiations with the landowners. Brian Ward
 815/08/2014Corrected spelling. Rohan C.
 722/09/2009Shuck has been rebuilt so that's all good now. Took that info out. Added some level indicators info. Put lower get outs info into take out description. JP
 608/09/2009River access - road after gate falling apart. JP
 523/10/2006Directions Seanie Byrne
 420/10/2006Added map picture. Seanie Byrne
 317/10/2006Mixup between the directions and the brief description. Seanie Byrne
 216/10/2006Added more content and iformation, didnt remove anything. Seanie Byrne
 115/10/2006 Sean Bynre
 115/10/2006 Sean Bynre

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