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Clare Glens - Clare - Version History

  Version Date Change Notes Author
 1021/04/2013Reference to OPW gauge at Clonshingle Bridge added. Lorcan Keyes
 922/07/2007Added description of drops below the take out Mike Jones
 825/12/2006Spelling and layout, added a few words Seanie Byrne
 726/10/2006mentioned that trees are a hazard and tried to be more specific on the parking of for the get in. Andy Mullins
 622/10/2006Underlined headings and removed some typo's Seanie Byrne
 520/10/2006Added pictures of the gauge and the map Seanie Byrne
 418/10/2006spelling Seanie Byrne
 318/10/2006Formatting again!! :-) Seanie Byrne
 218/10/2006Soem formating Seanie Byrne
 118/10/2006 Seanie Byrne

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