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River Grades - River Classes

  • Class I - Easy
    • fast water with ripples or waves
    • all dangers are obvious, negligible risk to swimmers, easy self-rescue
  • Class II - Novice
    • straightforward rapids with regular waves
    • easy to medium drop-offs(chutes, ledges, falls)
    • eddies and shear zones are easily negotiated
    • best passage evident without scouting
  • Class III - Intermediate
    • rapids with moderate, irregular waves, breakers, rollers and back eddies
    • scouting in advance is advised for inexperienced parties
  • Class IV - Advanced
    • high, irregular waves, breakers, powerful back eddies, whirlpools and sharp bends
    • powerful but predictable rapids requiring precise handling in difficult water, for experienced paddlers only
    • “Must make moves”, rapids that require skill
    • moderate to high risk to swimmers, group rescue is often required
    • advance scouting is required
  • Class V - Expert
    • extremely long and/or violent rapids, often containing large, unavoidable obstacles, holes, steep banks, and turbulent water
    • very fast currents with powerful whirlpools and boiling back eddies
    • rescue is often difficult for experts
    • advance scouting may be difficult
  • Class VI - Extreme
    • upper limit of present-day skills and equipment and only for teams of experts, taking all safety precautions
    • Unexplored or uncharted rapids where navigation may be very difficult to impossible.
    • Luck often considered an important part of a successful negotiation.

Neutral point of view

NPOV, No Bias. has a strict neutral point of view (NPOV) policy, which basically states that our mission to have an online guide of Ireland is best served not by advancing or detracting particular points of view on any given subject, but by trying to present a fair, neutral description of the facts - among which are the facts that various interpretations and points of view exist. (Of course, there are limits to which points of view are worth mentioning.)

There will be content posted here that you don't agree with or that you don't think is accurate, so use the comments function or even better submit an altered review. The facts will win out

The biggest stickler/contentious issue about certain rivers is going to be the river grading scale. At the moment it is the lowest grade sections to the highest grade sections.

In future if there is a continued discussion/debate, will intervene and get an expert paddler who is local to that river to make a judgment call on the grade of that river.

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